Friday, October 6, 2017


Hello Mad scientist! We have made it to the 2nd unit of science.....Geology. Over the next few weeks, we will cover various topics about our home planet and how it was formed. In 5th grade we are covering rocks and minerals. We are currently making our own mock rocks in class. In 6th grade we are covering landforms. We just went around the world looking at different mountains, waterfalls, plains, etc. This should be a fun unit as we will be getting down and dirty with earth. As always message us if you need us and check School Max weekly for grades. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Unit One Tests

Hello mad scientist,
The first test of the year is upon us. Both 5th & 6th will have their test on Tuesday Oct. 3.The 5th grade test will cover day and night. Study shadows, sunrise & sunset, how shadows change over the course of the day and the year, and moon phases. The 6th grade test will cover severe weather and weather forecast vocab.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

First Online Assignments

Greetings Mad Scientist! It's a great day here at Imagine! We have gone full swing into our lessons now, which brings us to our first at home online assignment. For 5th grade they are to read "Sunrise, Sunset" via FOSS Web. A question sheet has been given to them. They have the choice of answering the four questions, or writing a paragraph long summary of the passage. The assignment is due Monday.
For 6th grade, they going to complete a weather forecast for the next few days (Tuesday - Sunday) This includes finding the temperature, air pressure, humidity level, and a choice of wind speed or dew point. This is also due Monday. - Click on class login
Username: imagineconnelly
Password: imagineandrews

5th Grade Questions

11.) What causes day and night?

22.)  Why is the rotation of the earth important?

33.) Why do shadows change over the period of a day? How are they different at morning, noon, and evening?
44.) How does the time of the year affect shadow length?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back to School Night

This Wednesday is back to school night. Come from 6pm-8pm to learn about our school, teachers, and the classes your child will be taking. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Welcome Back!

Summer break is coming to a close, and a new year is beginning. Welcome back to the old faces and greetings to the new. I am Mr. Connelly and I am looking forward to meeting you all this year. Below is the homeroom class list. If you're not in my homeroom don't worry, you get all four of us at some point during the day. See you Sept. 6th!

(Mrs. Warner’s
(Mr. Connelly’s
(Mrs. Richards’
(Mr. Hardy’s
Bryce A.
Maya A.
Haley B.
Kayla A.
Logan Bo.
Kendall A.
Cristian B.
Lacey B.
Christian B.
Aaron A.
Joshua B.
Jesus B.
Michael C.
Avrie B.
Taraun C.
Austin B.
Zamiyah C.
Logan Br.
Brendan C.
Norlynn B.
Micah C.
Sydney C.
Nevaeh C.
Krystal B.
Otis C.
Tommy C.
Arielle D.
Danny C.
Logan D.
Harmony C.
Jordyn D.
Matthew C.
Darrion F.
Madison C.
Bryce E.
Jonathan C.
Lerato F.
Caitlyn C.
Alyssa F.
Lilly D.
Xavier H.
Ashton D.
LeBarron G.
Alanna E.
Zachary H.
A'Maya D.
Walter H.
Jadon E.
Emma H.
Madison F.
O'Rian J.
Countess G.
Oksana H.
Trenton H.
Tayla L.
Jasmine G.
Maci H.
Sorin H.
Makaila L.
Mitchell H.
Zoey J.
Laila J.
Michael M.
Willie H.
Sean K.
Caleb K.
Collin M.
Kaitlyn J.
Joshua K.
Emmanuel K.
Hayden M.
Sanih M.
Devon M.
Emani M.
Tylee M.
Evan Q.
Sean P.
Phillip M.
Robert R.
Jaerel R.
Lexiss R.
Julius P.
Mason S.
Blake R.
Nia S.
Ezmeralda P.
William S.
Lorena R.
Malachi T.
Mwafor P.
Anjae' S.
Erielle S.
Nicholaus W.
Jailyn S.
Caleb T.
Joella S.
Ava W.
Paul V.
Joshua W.
Adia S.
Jordin Y.
Kennedy W.
Reginald W.
Martin W.
Island Y.
Jasmin Y.
Destiny W.
Maryah W.