Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It's about the Environment

Hello Mad Scientist!!!!

We are down to less than 4 more weeks of school. The end is near, but the learning is still here. This week in 5th grade we will focus on recycling as we get ready for our Camp Schmidt Trip on the 30th & 31st. Camp Schmidt focuses on environmental learning and we want to have a head start. In 6th grade we are starting a unit on evolution. I apologize if they come home and want to be vegetarians as we are learning about the pros and cons of selective breeding on farms. Don't forget to come out to Dave & Busters tonight at the Ritchie Station Town Center.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sun's Out, Skins Out

Hello my mad scientist!

We are still in the middle of the super busy testing season, so we have been taking things slowly over the last few weeks. Over the next few days we will discuss the skin. The skin has 3 major purposes.
1.) Protect
2.) Sense/ touch
3.) Regulate the body temperature
The students will have a quiz on the skin next week, so make sure to study up!

Other announcements:
Hello Parents! On Wednesday May 17th we will have our after school hangout time at Dave and Busters from 6pm to 7pm to celebrate great student behavior! Bring your best moves, driving skills, and air hockey abilities out to play against your peers and your favorite teachers (if you dare!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!). Don't forget to bring your money too (We love you all, but money don't grow on teacher trees). Parents are asked to stay around and join the fun too. Hope to see everyone there! 
Dave and Busters
1851 Ritchie Station Court Capitol Heights, MD 20743

On May 19, 2017, the scholars at Imagine Andrews will have a picnic style lunch on the side lawn (near Yuma Rd.). Scholars are encouraged to bring
blankets to eat on as they sit in the grass area. Lunches will be served in picnic friendly packaging and the food will also be picnic friendly. If scholars
pack their lunches, they also need to pack food that they can comfortably eat outside (i.e. cold sandwiches, chips and juice boxes).

Monday, April 24, 2017

7 Weeks to go

Hello Mad Scientist!
We are only a few weeks away from the end of another school year, but we are still learning! This week we are focusing on two parts of the body;  the heart (5th) and the eye (6th). These are quick lessons and there will be a quiz on Friday based upon the vocabulary we have learned.

Our Baysox Trip has been postponed at the moment. We are looking to reschedule for the 25th of May. We will keep you posted as we receive information.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Brain Games

Hello Mad Scientist!
We are entering the 4th quarter of the year with the brain in mind. We will be learning about....well learning. We will study how the brain works, different types of memory, and about our five senses (Touch, Taste, Sight, Hearing, and Smell). There will be different vocabulary words popping up for the classes, so keep a look out for them. The unit test will be around April 5th.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Light it Up

Hello Mad Scientist!
We are running to the light.....source that is. We are starting our unit on light and color. In this unit we will cover some of the basics of what light is, but we'll also dive into different types of waves too. Did you know that different colors produce different wave lengths? You sure will after this unit. Please study the new vocabulary words and prepare for the vocab quiz some time next week (The week of March 6th). Please remember to check school max and look for more crazy educational video on Class Dojo.

(This is not a see more log on to Class Dojo MUHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back at Full Power!

Hello Mad Scientist!
We finally have a 7th & 8th grade math teacher, so I'm back to my regular gig as a science teacher. If you're on Class Dojo, we have been posting a lot of video of the circuit experiments done in class (if you're not, send me an email). We discovered that too many components on one power source diminishes it's energy output. They have also used creative thinking skills to discover ways to alleviate the lack of power. In the next few weeks, we will jump back and forth between electrical energy and magnets. That's it for now.

Below for your visual enjoyment are a few pictures from the awards assembly last week.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome to the 3rd Quarter!

Hello Mad Scientist!
We are now in the third quarter of the year! We are kicking off this quarter focusing on Physics. He completed our first experiment focusing on three types of motion: Uniform, Variable, and Periodic. Below are your crazy scientists and their inventions.

Class 52 (the video didn't come out clear sorry)

Class 602

Class 601

Class 51